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Multiple dwellings are often referred to as a townhouses or units. In their simplest form they are separately titled dwellings that share a single parcel of land. Typically, they will include communal open space, shared driveways or parking areas, shared bin storage etc, which is captured within a body corporate.
As a part of a multiple dwelling development, Council will expect that the site is accessible, has sufficient parking spaces (including visitors) and is serviced by infrastructure. In addition to this, Council will also review the built form to ensure that the development meets keys design criteria such as site cover, height, setbacks and private open space. In Brisbane, developments  also need to provide a subtropical design which is supported by large areas of deep planting to grow large shade trees, as well as smaller areas of landscaping to the visual appeal. 

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These elements are fairly specific, and Town Planner Brisbane can guide you through the design requirements. This why the preliminary stage or the ‘first steps’ of the project are the most important, so that you identify and issues early on and can make sure that you have valid and compelling performance arguments for any non complying elements of your proposal.

TTown Planner Brisbane can manage the four key stages for a multiple dwelling approval, which include:

  1.  Preliminary Site Review and Due Diligence;
  2. Preliminary House Design or Conceptual Sketch;
  3. Prelodgement Meeting;
  4. Development Application, Lodgement and Approval.

Stage 1: Preliminary Site Review

Once you find a property, we will provide a complementary site review. This will give you clear advice to you about any constraints or limitations for multiple dwellings on your land. Some of the questions we will typically answer are:

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What zone is your site?
Built form parameters such as height change with the different zoning of land. It is important understand these characteristics early in the process.
Minimum Land Size for Townhouse development in Brisbane
What overlays affect my property?

Our preliminary site review will give you clarity around the overlays on your site and whether they will impact on your project, such as:

  • Flooding: Brisbane City Council has three types of flooding, each with their own characteristics and limitations. For example, overland flow develops quickly and is fast moving. Often this type of flooding will require a suspended slab to limit any hydrological impacts to natural stormwater flows. In contrast, Brisbane river flooding is a slow flooding with plenty of warning and typically this overlay will just set your minimum habitable floor levels for future dwellings;
  • Bushfire: Bushfire overlays present challenges in areas with high volumes of flammable material (ie. dense bushland). We can provide you with advice and connect you specialists to prepare a strategy for your project;
  • Traditional Building Character Overlay: The Traditional Building Character Overlay will require you to adopt architectural themes that replicate key design elements of pre-1946 dwellings. These include pitched roofs, light weight materials etc. We will guide you through these design considerations.
How will your site be serviced?

We will work with third party engineers to provide you with confidence that your site has access to all required infrastructure such as sewer, water, electricity and communications.

The above is just a handful of items we will review, providing you with a clear overview of your site and any considerations for delivering your project.

Stage 2: Preliminary Design or Conceptual Sketch

Town Planner Brisbane will then work with you, or your architect, to assist in preparing a preliminary site layout plan and built form sketchs. This is typically a balance between the constraints of the site, the demand of the product required to service the residential market, the built form parameters for the site and other characteristics such as parking allowances etc.

Stage 3: Prelodgement Meeting

Once we complete a preliminary review, we will assist in preparing a strategy for your project to address and overcome any issues identified. This may include a Prelodgement Meeting with Council to address and receive feedback on any of the issues identified.

multiple townhouses

Typically, clients seek certainty from Council that particular performance characteristics of a design can be achieved. The quality of Council’s feedback is based on the level of detail and quality of the performance arguments provided during the meeting. It is important that all issues are thoroughly discussed and Town Planner Brisbane will ensure that you are comfortable and confident prior to committing to a full application.

Stage 4: Preparation of a Development Application, Lodgement and Approval

Once we complete the preliminary stages and prelodgement, we will assist in preparing a strategy for your project to address and overcome any issues identified. Following this, we will see your project through to completion by providing:

  • Co-ordinating plans and design with your designer or architect;
  • Co-ordinating third party consultant advice and reports to support your development;
  • Preparation and lodgement of development applications;
  • Information responses and post-approval works;
  • Information response and further issues advice;
  • Draft conditions review and negotiations where required;
  • Negotiated decisions and post approval advice.

Our services do not end once the approval is received. Please refer to our development management page for our post approval service offering and project delivery.

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