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A subdivision is the reconfiguring of a lot to create additional parcels of land for separate occupation. Council will expect that each lot is accessible, serviced and shaped in a way that allows an owner to construct a dwelling house in the future. This is why the preliminary stage or the ‘first steps’ of the project are the most important, so that you identify and issues early on.

We are subdivision consultants in Brisbane and can advise you on Brisbane subdivision and development guidelines and manage all stages of the project which include the two key stages for a subdivision approval:

  1. Preliminary Site Review and Due Diligence;
  2. Prelodgement, Preparation of a Development Application, Lodgement and Approval.


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Subdivision costs in Brisbane can vary greatly depending on the following factors.

Stage 1: Preliminary Site Review and Due Diligence

Once you find a property, we will provide a complementary site review. This will give you clear advice to you about any constraints or limitations for a subdivision on your land. Some of the questions we will typically answer are:

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What is the minimum land size for subdivision in Brisbane?

Whilst some exceptions exist for sites within walking distances to centre zones, typically lots in the Low Density Residential zone have a minimum lot size of 400m2.

What is the minimum frontage for subdivisions in Brisbane?
What overlays affect my property?

Our preliminary site review will give you clarity around the overlays on your site and whether they will impact on your project, such as:

  • Flooding: Brisbane City Council has three types of flooding, each with their own characteristics and limitations. We can provide you with advice and guidance around how to approach flooding on your land;
  • Bushfire: Bushfire overlays present challenges in areas with high volumes of flammable material (ie. dense bushland). We can provide you with advice and connect you specialists to prepare a strategy for your project;
  • Traditional Building Character Overlay: If your home is pre-war, we can assist in confirming whether your existing dwelling can be demolished or modified to support your development.


What direction does your site slope?

 rear sloping sites can present challenges for providing a lawful point of stormwater discharge to the street;

How will your site be serviced?

We will work with third party engineers to provide you with confidence that your site has access to all required infrastructure such as sewer, water, electricity and communications.

What ‘hierarchy’ is your road?

we can assist in determining the level of the road accessing your property and confirm if individual driveways and combined crossovers will be required or if other access limitations exist.

The above is just a handful of items we will review, providing you with a clear overview of your site and any considerations for delivering your project.

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Prelodgement, Preparation of a Development Application, Lodgement and Approval.

Once we complete a preliminary review, we will assist in preparing a strategy for your project to address and overcome any issues identified. This may include a Prelodgement Meeting with Council to address and receive feedback on any of the issues identified. Following this, we will see your subdivision through to completion by providing:

  • Preparation of survey plans and subdivision plans;
  • Co-ordinating third party consultant advice and reports to support your development;
  • Preparation and lodgment of development applications;
  • Information responses and post-approval works;
  • Draft conditions review and negotiations where required;
  • Negotiated decisions and post approval advice.

Our services do not end once the approval is received. We also offer building project manager service and can organise civil subdivision contractors in Brisbane. Please refer to our development management service page for our post approval service offering and project delivery.

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