Can I Subdivide My Block in Brisbane?

Friday, 6th August 2021.

Minimum Lot Sizes in Brisbane

At Town Planner Brisbane, a common question we receive is “Can I subdivide my block in Brisbane?” Subdividing a larger parcel of land into smaller lots have gained popularity over recent years due to the increasing cost of housing, increasing demand for lower maintenance and people looking to downsize.

Subdivision is considered a form of “Reconfiguring a Lot” under Planning Act 2016. Other forms of “Reconfiguring a Lot” include the following:

  1. creating lots by subdividing another lot; or
  2. amalgamating 2 or more lots; or
  3. rearranging the boundaries of a lot by registering a plan of subdivision under the Land Act or Land Title Act; or
  4.  dividing land into parts by agreement rendering different parts of a lot immediately available for separate disposition or separate occupation, other than by an agreement that is—
    1. a lease for a term, including renewal options, not exceeding 10 years; or
    2. an agreement for the exclusive use of part of the common property for a community titles scheme under the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997; or

5. creating an easement giving access to a lot from a constructed road.

What is the Zoning of My Property?

There are a number of factors that determine if you can subdivide. One of the key considerations is the zone. Each zone has a minimum lot size such as Low Density Residential, Low-Medium Density Residential etc. You can find out the zoning of your property using the Interactive Mapping provided by Brisbane City Council.

If your property is located in the Low Density Residential zone, the minimum lot size is:

  • 300m2 if the property is within 200m walking distance of a site in the centre zones category with a site area of more than 2000m2 or;
  • 400m2 if the property is more than 200m walking distance to a site in the centre zones category or;
  • 600m2 where a rear lot, excluding the access handle.

In the Low Medium Density Residential Zone, the minimum lot size is:

  • 260m2 where in the 2 storey mix zone precinct or 2 or 3 storey mix zone precinct or;
  • 180m2 where in the up to 3 storeys zone precinct or;
  • 350m2 where a rear lot in the 2 storey mix zone precinct, 2 or 3 storey mix zone precinct or Up to 3 storeys zone precinct excluding the access handle.

A rear lot is “a lot that has access to a road only by means of an access way that forms part of the lot, or by means of an easement over adjoining land”.

Zoning is just one key consideration for understanding the minimum lot size on your site. Whilst the minimum lots that are mentioned above typically apply in the Low or Low-Medium Density Residential Zones, prior to commencing work on project, you should contact Town Planner Brisbane to confirm if there an additional provision that may apply to your site (i.e overlays and neighbourhood plans). Town Planner Brisbane can also assist you with understanding the subdivision process and seek town planning approval.


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