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When undertaking a project, a typical Town Planning consultant will often focus on getting your Council approval. While the approval is one of the main checkpoints to a successful development, many first-time developers do not understand how to progress once the approval is received. The post-approvals process can often be complex.

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If your project requires further works or compliance, these need to be run consecutively where possible to ensure the timely delivery of your project. This is where building project managers come in.

Town Planner Brisbane is an expert in delivering whole projects, not just approvals. We will work with you to make a strategy for your project, clearly outlining how we can streamline your development and ensure your project is delivered on time and on budget.

So, what is the Development Manager Job Description:

Operational Works and on-site management:

  • Third party consultation and design, such as co-ordinating post-approval operational works plans and lodgement;
  • Tendering, cost comparison and contractor selection;
  • Co-ordinating on-site management and delivery of infrastructure, such as sewer connections, water connections, power and storm water;
  • Council pre-start, periodic inspections and compliance;
  • Co-ordinating as constructed surveys, plans and lodgement;
  • On-maintenance and co-ordination of bond payments.

Plan Sealing

  • Compliance documentation for services, such as electrical certificate of supply, sewer and water receipts or documentation, communications certificate of supply etc.
  • Review of development conditions, plan sealing checklists and material;
  • Site compliance inspections, preparation of compliance reporting and Council lodgement;

Other guidance with sealing and titling requirements

  • Advice around timing of mortgagee consents;
  • Access to relevant and qualified third party consultants to prepare titling documentation, surveying and compliance documentation where required.

You can have confidence that before we seek an approval on your site, you will have a clear understanding of the post-approvals and development process to ensure your project is a success.

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