4 Key Types of Development 

Tuesday, 8th Nov 2022.

Town planners look at a range of applications, but the key four are: 

  1. Reconfiguring a lot, this is essentially a subdivision.  
  1. Material change use is where we, we, seek to change a use on a site. So for a childcare center or a new house. 
  1. Building work. In Brisbane, a lot of the time building work is around traditional building character overlay or extensions. 
  1. Then the fourth one is operational works where we’ll usually have to work with a, a civil engineer or the like, to be able to come up with a design, it might be sewer, water infrastructure, or one of those things to help you to be able to deliver the project on your site.  

A town planner can help you understand what kind of project you need to do and understand what the next steps are in order to be able to deliver your project. Contact us today to discuss your project and get some free preliminary advice and a quote. 


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Town Planner Brisbane can assist in helping you understand if your site is in the Traditional Building Character Overlay and assist in understanding if your proposal will require a town planning approval.

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