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Mahmudul Hasan
Mahmudul Hasan
7. July, 2022.
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Redmond has been so helpful in answering endless questions about potential subdivisions, highly appreciated! Highly knowledgeable and service oriented. Thank you!
Emily Minton
Emily Minton
9. May, 2022.
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Rhett and the team have been fantastic in applying for a DA for subdivision. The process was so easy, quick and simple and Rhett was always there to answer any questions throughout. Highly recommend!
w m
w m
15. April, 2022.
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Although we didn't go ahead with a sub-division Rhett tirelessly responded to all emails and calls without hesitation. When we are ready to sub-divide there is no one else we would go with. We highly recommend Rhett. Anthony & Wendy
Daniel WANG
Daniel WANG
25. February, 2022.
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Rhett was very helpful and you won't be disappointed to engage him. Although cant work together now, look forward to that in future.
elisa justin
elisa justin
17. February, 2022.
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Rhett was fantastic. We are interstate and unfamiliar with QLD planning controls and he provided a prompt and comprehensive solution to the matter. He has excellent communication skills and provided us with a clear understanding of what the outcomes may be. I would highly recommend Bespoke P&D. We would go back to them in a heartbeat for any future planning matters.
Trevor Sayers
Trevor Sayers
4. February, 2022.
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Thank you to Rhett and the team for helping with a matter I had with Brisbane City Council regarding our home based business.
Nigel Tiong
Nigel Tiong
13. October, 2021.
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It was a pleasure to deal with Redmond and Rhett. They were very knowledgable and on the ball with every step of the process. They would always responded quickly and continue to keep us updated throughout the entire process. Definitely recommend these guys.
Jennifer Gleeson
Jennifer Gleeson
6. October, 2021.
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We chose Bespoke P & D as they had managed a project nearby and we were newbies to subdividing. Rhett and his team did not disappoint and have been excellent communicators, prompt in replying to queries and providing all the information we needed and taking care of all the details and reports needed and were honest and transparent in copying us into emails about our project. We would definitely recommend them.
Saibal Guha
Saibal Guha
5. October, 2021.
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Rhett has been exceptional in his service provision and professionalism. He is on the job, knows his turf and always does his work diligently and to customer's satisfaction. I value his advice on town planning matters. I wish his company more prosperity and growth. Cheers
Kevin Tan
Kevin Tan
21. July, 2021.
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Rhett was prompt in responding to my inquires and was able to provide some initial advise and looked at some survey plans without charging me. Thanks!!!

​Professional & Affordable Town Planners Brisbane

We are one of Brisbane’s leading Town Planning Firms. We pride ourselves on the way we work and communicate with our clients. We will help you conceptualise, design, and co-ordinate the delivery of your project. At TPB (Town Planner Brisbane), we have spent many years helping Brisbane locals and companies navigate through complex approval processes, providing efficient and cost-effective project delivery. Our tailored private planning process will take the stress out of your project, no matter the size. We are one of Brisbane’s most popular urban planning consultants, and this is what we love doing – what we are known for – and what we do best.

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We Assist Our Clients Throughout The Entire Development Process


Due Diligence & Feasibility

  • Application Advice
  • Site Constraints
  • Use Suitability
  • Timline & Risk


Prelodgement & Application

  • Prelodgement Advice
  • Prepare Specialist Reporting
  • Prepare Strategy
  • Application Lodgement


Assessment & Approval

  • Responding to Information Requests
  • Manage Councils Assessment Team and Decision Process
  • Provide Advice on Conditions
  • Seek Changes or Negotiate Decisions


Post Approval (Construction)

  • Tenders & Engagement
  • Co-ordinating Civil Contractors
  • Full Project Delivery


Plan Sealing and Titling

  • Plan Sealing & Compliance
  • Co-ordinate Lodgement & Titling
  • Project Completion

Do You need a Brisbane Town Planner?

Development can be a rewarding and exciting experience, but it also has the ability to be stressful and risky if you hit a complication through the process. Researching urban planning services and companies to know if they will suit your project can be daunting. Unlike most popular town planning consultants, we can provide more than just your town planning approval.

  1.  Site due diligence & feasibility stage:
  2. Prelodgement & BCC development application stage:
  3. Development assessment and development BCC approvals stage;
  4. Post approval or site construction stage; and,
  5. Plan sealing and land titling phase.
Town Planner Brisbane Delivered this subdivision brisbane project in record time.

Your development builds on the success of previous stages, and the ability to remove risk and uncertainty requires you to engage an urban planning consultant early in the project. It is important that you engage a Brisbane planning consultant that understands the whole process, not just the development approval. You don’t need to do an urban planner course to feel comfortable and confident in your project if you partner with a consultant who understands how to guide you through, not just the Brisbane urban planning processes, but the whole project. Our tagline, from planning to completion, means that we will be with you every step of the way to help you to conceptualise, design and co-ordinate the delivery of your project. So, if you have been looking at how to find a good planning consultant in Brisbane, look no further!

I recently used TPB to guide me through subdividing our block. They made the whole process simple and talked me through each step,
updating me regularly and had answers for all my questions.
Highly recommended !!

Craig D. Kelly


Rhett and the team at TPB were absolutely amazing throughout the whole development process. This was our first subdivision in Alexandra Hills, Brisbane and the team was very patient with us, explaining everything along the way and making sure everything was done on time. We honestly could not have done this without their guidance and professionalism. We recommend TPB to anyone looking for a development manager!

Amit Chowdhary


I honestly couldn’t rate the team from TPB more highly. I found out about them through a referral and they genuinely care about the best outcomes for their clients. My only regret is that we didn’t meet sooner they would have been able to give me some really excellent money saving pointers, but very grateful at the end of the day. 11/10!

Amie Palmer


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Frequently Asked Questions
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What is Town Planning?

Town planning in its simplest form, is about managing land uses and activities on a parcel of land. Urban Planners have expertise assessing the characteristics of this use or activity against the provisions of a local government’s planning scheme. So, what does a Town Planner do? Once a town planner has determined the level of compliance and any identified any site specific issues, they will guide a you through the Council and/or State Government application processes through to the decision. If approved, the decision will usually be what’s known as a ‘Development Permit’ which will give you a detailed set of development conditions and requirements for your project to go ahead.

There are four types of applications, including Material Change of Use, Reconfiguring a Lot (also known as a Subdivision), Building Work and Operational Works. In addition to these four types, there a three levels of assessment, formally known as categories of assessment. These are:

  • Accepted Development – Where no development application is required;
  • Code Assessment – Where a development application is required to be prepared to assess the development against a set of specific codes; and,
  • Impact Assessment – Where the application is technically assessable against the whole planning scheme and public notification will be required.

The types of applications are discussed below.

How much are town planning consultant fees?

The exact cost of development approvals Brisbane depends on the type of development. We offer free preliminary advice to gauge the complexity of the project and site specific characteristics. From there we will provide you with detailed costings tailored to your needs. As commercial and residential town planners, we specialise in both town planning and development management to ensure your project is delivered through to completion, on time and in budget!

What is a Material Change of Use?

Say you want to build a new home on a vacant allotment. Technically this application would be creating a new use, and that use would be known as a Dwelling House. In this example, a town planner would be required to lodge a Material Change of Use application to change the land from a vacant lot to accommodate a new dwelling. In many cases, the use may be located in an appropriate area, such as an estate or urban area. This usually means the use will not significantly impact the surrounding dwellings, nor will it create adverse impacts to the broader neighbourhood.

Alternatively, say that block of land was in the middle of an industrial estate. An urban planner may determine that the location is inappropriate due to poor air quality and noise impacts which have impacts on the liveability of future occupants of the house. In many cases, Brisbane City Council town planners will have already determined what uses are suited to an area by nominating a particular zone, or zoning, to the land. Local government Brisbane City Council town planners zone the whole city, clustering consistent uses and separating uses with high impacts and more intensity. As an example, a snip of a Brisbane City Council interactive mapping (below) highlights this zoning map.

Brisbane town planners have a few extra considerations which must be considered and are unique to our city. Design elements, such as sub-tropical design, are only applicable to certain types of development such as multiple dwellings (townhouses) and we will guide you through any design requirements for your site.

So, in summary a Material Change of Use is where you seek an approval for a new, or expanding use on a site. This can be anything from an industrial warehouse development, through to a dwelling house or childcare centre. Brisbane city council town planning may require you to lodge an application depending on the specifics of the use and the site.

What does the town planning process start?

    Once you contact us, it all starts with a simple BCC property enquiry in which we will give you free preliminary advice about your site. We will assess your application against the Brisbane city plan to understand assessment triggers, zoning, overlays and other site considerations such as slope and infrastructure.

We seek to ensure you are comfortable and confident with the site before committing a purchase. Whilst the exact cost of development approvals Brisbane depends on the type of development, the complexity of the project and site specific characteristics of the project, we can assist you with understanding and seeking costs to deliver it through to completion. When compared to each other, subdivision costs Brisbane, Redlands, Moreton Bay, Ipswich, Logan and Gold Coast, can vary greatly.

We will then prepare a town planning report, addressing any issues that the development has against the local government planning scheme. The Brisbane town plan is the Brisbane City Plan 2014. Once you are ready lodge the application, your application will be assigned a Brisbane City Council town planner who reviews the information and distributes it internally to a range of Council specialists. Town Planner Brisbane continue to manage the discussion with Council and the specialists to identify and resolve issues and achieve an approval quickly.

We are senior urban planners who provides a tailored approach to gaining your development approval. We are specialists in Brisbane town planning, development management and project delivery. Whilst we specialise in Brisbane City and Redland City, we also regularly service Moreton Bay, Ipswich, Logan, Gold Coast City Council local government areas.
So engage a town planner, who specialises in both urban planning and development to ensure your project is delivered through to completion, on time and in budget.

What is Building Work?

The development type Building Work is development type that considers the specific amenity and design of construction as well as demolition works.

With respect to town planning Brisbane, the most common type of Building Work assessment is the Traditional Building Character Overlay. Houses in the overlay that are identified to be pre-1946 cannot typically be demolished.

The Traditional Building Character Overlay seeks to maintain traditional character in streets where there are houses built in or before 1946. This will generally require new houses to replicate the architectural elements of the traditional homes in the neighbourhood, such as pitched roofs, non-dominating garages, timber chamfer-board construction and forward facing balconies.

We can guide you through the town planning requirements of the overlay, and provide information to you or your designer regarding the architectural requirements for your new build.

What is a Subdivision or Reconfiguring a Lot?

The formal description of a subdivision is the ‘division of a parcel of land for separate use, development or occupation.’ The most common form of subdivision Brisbane is residential freehold subdivision where a town planner seeks to establish an additional lot to construct an additional, separately titled dwelling house.

The concept of a subdivision is simple, but their delivery requires consideration of a range of factors, including:

  • The minimum lot size of site’s zoning;
  • Minimum frontage, shape and depth;
  • Safe vehicle access to the site
  • A lawful point of stormwater discharge;
  • Ability to connect to infrastructure such as water, sewer, power and communications;
  • Any fill, retaining walls or other significant site works to establish a house pad. Etc.

BCC town planners can be fairly unwavering when it comes to certain design requirements. Therefore, it is important that you engage a town planning firm early in the process to review all relevant site characteristics along side the BCC subdivision and development guidelines prior to committing to a development. In the development stages flow chart above, this would be during the ‘due diligence’ phase.

What is Operational Work?

Operational Work is typically designed by an engineer and generally includes infrastructure or works required to establish a use. The range of these works may include excavating or filling, clearing vegetation, road works and infrastructure and typically are requirements of a Subdivision approval or Material Change of Use approval given by Council.

Town Planner Brisbane can assist co-ordinate design, costing and installation of your Operational Works and manage the project compliance and on-maintenance.

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